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Nothing is more important to a college or university than ensuring its instructors and course content are meeting the needs and expectations of its student population. Some schools prefer paper course evaluations so they can have students complete them while still in the classroom. Others prefer the ease of using web surveys to collect this data. Remark products give you options for both. Remark Office OMR® lets you design your own forms using MS Word or a similar desktop publishing application. When the forms are completed, they are scanned with an image scanner, and results are immediately available. Remark Web Survey® lets you create and publish online forms to your own website. And if you use both products, results are easily merged together. Our Remark products will save you time, money and aggravation.

Below are a few samples you can try out yourself:

Note: In order to view the Microsoft Word® documents properly, you may need to download the OMR Bubble font and the 3 of 9 Barcode font. You can download these fonts from our site, or they are installed automatically with Remark Office OMR. PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader®, which can be downloaded here.

Course Evaluation - This is a sample Remark Office OMR form that uses barcodes and OMR bubbles.

Web Evaluation - This is a sample Remark Web Survey form that allows students to submit their course evaluation online.

*You may have to disable pop-up blocking to view the live sample survey.

University Course Evaluation - This is a sample Remark Office OMR form that uses barcodes and OMR bubbles and has a section for handwritten comments.

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