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OMR (optical mark recognition) systems and scanners have been around for many years for use in scanning and collecting data from “fill-in-the-bubble” forms such as educational tests and surveys. Traditional OMR systems required special scanners, special forms, and special pencils to fill in the forms.  Since 1991, Gravic, Inc. has been the leading provider of OMR software solutions that eliminate much of the expense associated with traditional OMR systems.  Using common image scanners and forms that can be created in a word processor and duplicated on a laser printer, tens of thousands of Gravic customers have been able to break free from the restrictions of traditional OMR and have found many applications for this technology within primary education, higher education, government, business and other industries.

Remark Office OMR®, the leading OMR software solution, collects and analyzes data from plain paper tests, surveys, attendance sheets, evaluations, checklists, and other forms. The software recognizes optical marks (bubbles and checkboxes), machine-generated characters (OCR) and barcoded information from your forms. Remark Office OMR supports nearly all common scanners and has the ability to read image files, allowing you to use networked multi-function devices and virtually any image scanner. The image scanning technology allows you to view on screen, and digitally store your scanned-in forms.

Remark Quick Stats®, the built-in analysis component, grades tests, tabulates surveys and produces a variety of reports and statistics. All reports can be exported to a variety of formats including; PDF, Excel, HTML, and RTF. Test scores can be exported into a variety of gradebooks or student management systems. Or save data to over 30 different file formats including: SPSS, Access, Excel, XML, and ASCII.

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Remark Office OMR Course Evaluation Form
Course Evaluation
Remark Office OMR Software Alumni Survey Form
Alumni Survey
Remark Office OMR Software Session Evaluation Form
Conference Evaluation
Remark Office OMR Software 360 Survey Form
360 Surveys
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and scan using an image
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and analyze and report their
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